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Why I Do What I Do....

I love to sew. I love creating new items. I love making things for my family and friends that are unique and interesting. I love fabric, especially vintage fabric. I enjoy being able to extend the creativity of the fabric designer to make something awesome. I love designing my own projects, looking at an item and thinking, "I can make that" or "I can make that better!"  I also offer custom items. Tell me what you want, and I'll tell you if I can make it!

I began sewing in 2003 with a baby quilt for my son. In addition to quilts, I sew purses and bags, home decor items, apparel and hats, and earth-friendly items like cloth napkins and grocery bags from re-purposed fabric. Since 2009, I have been sewing for the Early Riser Base Ball Club of Detroit. I designed and produce the team's vintage base ball uniforms and accessories.

I owe my thanks to many people.  First, I thank my parents, Frank & Louise, for blessing me genetically with creative genes.  They also instilled in me a do-it-yourself attitude.  We never hired help when I was a kid.  If it broke, Dad fixed it.  When dresses, sweaters, hats, curtains or costumes were needed, Mom made them.  And even though my sewing talents pale in comparison to Mom's, she's never made me feel that way.  My Dad introduced my husband to Rob "Hurricane" McCallum and together, they started the Early Riser Vintage Base Ball Club of Detroit.   Sadly, my Dad passed away before ever seeing a game or the things I made for the team.  I know my Dad would have loved the game and would have been our #1 Crank.  I miss my Dad.

I am indebted to Hurricane and all the Early Risers for being patient models, and for wearing it so well.  Thanks for all the encouragement, feedback, and support.  Three cheers and a tiger!  Huzzah!

I am eternally grateful to innumerable family and friends for their love, support, and confidence in my work.  Thanks for being friends who are like family and family who are like friends!  Thanks especially to all my sisters, by birth, marriage, and friendship.  Naz Zdrowie!

A big thank you to my son, Brent.  You are my heart.  You have been my biggest fan and have always challenged me with new sewing projects and requests.  Your understanding is limitless and you always accept when Mommy's "working."  You rock like Christmas.  And you are my best boy.

My very biggest thank you is saved for my husband, Rj.  Thank you for always working so hard, especially the last 10 years, so I could stay home and be Brent's Mom.  Thank you for knowing how to do stuff.  Thank you for your love, understanding, patience, and gentle feedback.  Thank you for knowing me.  Thank you for believing in me and my abilities.  I love you.


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